Prepare a Raspberry Pi Image for a Kiosk Project

I'm playing around with different Raspberry Pi images to use as a base for a kiosk project I'm working on. So far I have created a prototype that works fine and now I'm working on creating a custom image for further development of the project. This is the first post with notes on that endeavour.

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FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi 2

I was trying out different images to use as base for a project of mine and thought I'd try to get the FreeBSD image for Raspberry Pi to run since it's been supported for a while now.

TL;DR I got 10.2-STABLE to boot on Model B+ and 11-CURRENT to boot on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

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Create GIF from movie sequence

You know all those funny GIFs with sequences from movies? I got curious and wanted to see how I could create one of my own.

This is a simple way to do it utilizing ffmpeg in conjunction with gimp or imagemagick.

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Redirection in Bash

A short note to self about redirection of stderr to stdout in bash since I keep forgetting about the &> shorthand and sometimes mix up the order when redirecting to file.

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Test read write performance

A quick way to get a sense for read/write performance is to utilize the hdparm and dd tools.

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Screencapture in Linux

A quick note about two tools that comes in handy if you need to quickly and easily create a screencast. Either a full on video with audio using or as a simplistic gif animation using byzanz.

A very nice way of explaing something is to record the activity from a terminal window and turn it into a gif. To do this easily you could download and use the byzanz-record-window script from this forum thread comment.

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A quick test of Discord

Need a quick and easy platform for team communication? Using Slack but missing voice? Well, then try Discord.

It's very easy to get started, you can even join a public chat channel without registering. Javascript is served from same domain so you don't have to allow a lot of 3rd party javascript. The privacy policy is pretty easy to understand and seems sane (IANAL though!).

It's quick to setup a new server and invite people. The server settings are easy to figure out and administer.

I did not have the opportunity to try out the API.

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Lenovo Scores Another Entry on the Shitlist

August 2015 (crapware/malware)

The craptastic Lenovo does it again by abusing a badly thought out feature of windows (the WPBT).

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Python Toolbox

Created a Python Toolbox page for all the different Python tools and libraries I find useful. Maybe it will be helpful for others too.

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Linux Mint Issues With Resume From Suspend

Having trouble with black screen after resuming from suspend in Linux Mint 17.1? Linux Mint 17.1 is built on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) so this might be applicable for that also.

Anyways, the problem seems to be resolved by creating a pm-action hook (see man pm-suspend for details).

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Python Toolbox

A list of tools and libraries for development with Python.

HW Shitlist

A list of hardware manufacturers that I personally wish to avoid purchasing equipment from and why.