No bullshit todo manager

2014-07-05 19:29

I really like simplistic and effective tools. A while back I ran across a very simple but effective todo manager: t.

It's very simple to use yet kind of flexible and works well with version control systems.

I have it set up to have a global todo list and project specific bugs and ideas list by putting the script in my personal bin directory and this into my .bashrc:

# Awesome todo manager
if [ -e ~/bin/ ]; then
    alias t=" --task-dir ~/ --list todo"
    alias bugs=" --task-dir . --list bugs"
    alias ideas=" --task-dir . --list ideas"

To manipulate the global todo list I just run t from anywhere in the file system. To manipulate the bugs or ideas list for a project I'm working on I run bugs or ideas in the root directory of the project. Easy, simplistic and version control safe!