RRDTool Dataset Generator

2015-01-24 21:36

I recently looked into RRDtool again. I realized that everytime I do I end up writing some scripts to create, update and generate graphs just so I can test stuff out.

For example, if I want to graph some temperature metrics I want to create a database, fill it with some mock up data and create some graphs. It's my RRDtool development cycle so to speak.

So this time I wrote three bash scripts to do just this. They are commented and are easy to modify depending on my needs.

To try it out just clone my repository from GitHub and run the scripts in order:

$ git clone https://github.com/roppert/rrdtool-dataset-generator.git
$ cd rrdtool-dataset-generator
$ ./create.sh
$ ./update.sh
$ ./graph.sh

This creates a database, temp.rrd, with randomly generated data covering the last 24 hours and creates a graph, temp.png, from it.

It's prefect for testing out different setups and graph configurations.