Python Toolbox

2015-07-28 18:40

This page is a collection of libraries and tools I find useful as a Python developer. Listed in alphabetical order.


Distributed task queue. Easy to use and yet competent. Supports various backends (Redis is a good start).


Essential for writing command line tools. Makes argument parsing and documentation a breeze.


A tool that makes handling project templates easy.

List of Cookiecutter project templates


The de facto standard web application framework for Python.

Django REST framework

Use this to make writing RESTful APIs very easy with Django.


This is a tool for generating fake user data. I find it useful for populating databases both for development and for testing.


Lightweight web application framework. Use this when Django feels cumbersome.


Extension to the built in pdb debugger. Features include stuff like syntax highlighting, tab completion and sticky mode for easier steping.


Probably the best framework for testing.

virtualenv and pip

These are essential for any Python developer. They make sandboxing your projects very easy.